Dialect of programming language Brainfuck

pbrain is a dialect of Brainfuck (created by Paul M. Parks in July 2004) which allows programmer to define procedures using the following commands:

  • ( : create a procedure; its numeric identifier will be the contents of the current cell at the moment of creation.
  • ) : end of procedure definition; the contents of the procedure is between matching brackets;
  • : : call a procedure identified with the contents of current cell. When the procedure is called, basically its contents is pasted instead of : command.


Hello, World!:

Example for versions EsCo 0.511 (Brainfuck)

This example is written in pbrain. First line defines a procedure identified with 0 which copies the contents of previous cell to the current one and adds 10 to it. Second line fills first 14 cells with values 0..130 with step 10. Finally, the values of some cells are modified to represent ASCII-codes of required characters.