B-Prolog 7.0

Version of implementation B-Prolog of programming language Prolog

A version of B-Prolog, released on June 8, 2007.


  • Redesigned virtual machine; boost of the speed by 50% on average on Windows and 60-80% on Linux.
  • Runtime test performed in tagging/untagging so that the Linux version runs on all Linux machines including RedHad and Suse.
  • Variable-length meta-calls (call/1..n)
  • The unifier posts dom and dom_any events when unifying two domain variables
  • Use /tmp if the current working directory or the specified directory is not writable
  • Speed improvement in the Java interface
  • Bug fixes and improvements in CGLIB
  • New built-ins (table_remove0 and table_remove(Goal)) for cleaning up table entries
  • New labeling built-ins and options.
  • New built-in predicates on directories and files: call_cleanup/2, copy_file/2, delete_directory/1, delete_file/1, directory_exists/1, directory_files/2, file_base_name/2, file_directory_name/2, file_exists/1, file_property/2, file_stat/2, make_directory/1, rename_file/1, working_directory/1
  • The interface to GLPK 4.9 works in Windows, Linux and Mac versions but not the Solaris version.