B-Prolog 6.0 beta

Version of implementation B-Prolog of programming language Prolog

A version of B-Prolog, released in July 2001.


  • The constraint-based graphics library, CGLIB, supports event handling, making possible development of interactive user interfaces.
  • The finite-domain constraint solver is improved significantly. The new solver is on average over 70% faster than the one in B-Prolog 5.0 (measured on Linux) and consumes less memory.
  • New built-ins are introduced on arrays, hashtables, random numbers, date, time, and environment variables.
  • A new construct, called action rules, is introduced, which replaces delay clauses as the construct for programming concurrency, event handling, constraint propagators and interactive user interfaces. User-defined events are supported.
  • The manager for dynamic clauses employs a dynamic hashing algorithm now. Dynamic clauses can be asserted and accessed faster especially for large database programs.
  • All kinds of exceptions including those caused by built-ins and user’s interruptions (control-c) can be caught and handled by using catch/3.
  • C interface is improved. Now it is possible to write C functions that extract solutions from Prolog programs incrementally. The interface with Java is remedied such that Java strings are converted into lists of character codes rather than atoms. This protocol is compliant with the original JIPL developed by Kino.
  • New built-ins: environ/2, parse_atom/2, parse_string/2.