B-Prolog 5.0-a

Version of implementation B-Prolog of programming language Prolog

A version of B-Prolog, released in October 2000.


  • Interface with Java 2 (JDK 1.2 and 1.3)
  • Line editor works for NT/Windows 2000.
  • Bug fixes in assert, catch/throw, setof and ISO-IO. Missing predicate u_ge_c added.
  • Interface with C improved, added functions bprolog_call_string(char s), bprolog_call_term(TERM t), bprolog_mount_query_string(char s), bprolog_mount_query_term(TERM t), bprolog_next_solution(), bprolog_string_2_term(char s, TERM t), (char )bprolog_term_2_string(TERM t)