Fibonacci numbers in Hack VM

Example for versions Miller's Hack VM (JavaScript), Miller's Hack VM (Python)

This example works much like the other Fibonacci numbers in esoteric languages: memory cell 0 stores the number of numbers left to calculate, cells 1 and 2 store ASCII-codes for comma and space, and cells 3 and 4 store two last calculated Fibonacci numbers. In a loop values of cells 3 and 4 are extracted, added together, the new value is printed, and storage cells are updated. After this, the number of numbers left is decremented, and if it’s 0, program counter (equivalent of instruction pointer in Brainfuck) is moved 6 cell forward, otherwise it jumps back to the start of the loop. Finally, three dots are printed.

27*0> 92+4*1> 84*2> 10^p3> 1<P 2<P 10^p4> 1<P 2<P 3< 4< + 0^p 4< 3> 4> 0< 1- 0> 0<  6? 67*c 58*6+0^0^PPP