gprolog 1.2.9

Version of implementation GNU Prolog of programming language Prolog

A version of GNU Prolog, released on December 20th, 2001.



  • fix bug in bind_variables/2
  • fix some bugs in the Wam debugger
  • fix bug in linedit on b in start of line (using ANSI ESC sequences)
  • fix bux on linux configured with —disable-regs
  • fix bug in FD: forall is now recognized in .fd files
  • fix bug in DCG: expand_term((a —> X), Y) is OK
  • fix X paste problem in linedit

New features and improvements:

  • re-write Windows GUI Console in pure Win32 (no more MFC)
  • adapt to work with autoconf 2.52
  • add Prolog flag back_quotes and values {atom,chars,codes}_no_escape
  • use a terminal recusion in FD arithmetic normalization
  • modify Ma2Asm mappers to use Y_OFFSET (from ENVIR_STATIC_SIZE)
  • add several options to the top-level to execute goals
  • add an environment variable LINEDIT to control linedit options
  • simplify linedit: only apply to stdin
  • now linedit is reentrant
  • now linedit works with XFree keyboard encoding
  • rename built-in get_code_no_echo/1-2 by get_key_no_echo/1-2
  • add built-in get_key/1-2
  • use get_key/1-2 in the top_level + debugger (thus with echo)
  • improve the top-level Ctrl+C manager
  • add pipe to pl2wam stdin when called by consult/1
  • simplify top_comp.c to better control include dirs in devel. mode
  • specialized functions for create/update/delete choice points
  • fix a bug in wam2ma (hexa name creation overflowed malloc buffer)
  • include patch to support basic sockets under win32
  • arithmetic functions and inlined built-ins use fast call
  • specialized functions for switch_on_term_xxx
  • modify pl2wam to generalize ‘$call_c’ (add options)