gprolog 1.2.18

Version of implementation GNU Prolog of programming language Prolog

A version of GNU Prolog, released on June 7th, 2004.


Ports to:

  • ix86/MinGW
  • sparc/NetBSD
  • powerpc/NetBSD
  • fix a problem in the port to x86/OpenBSD


  • fix problem when compiling with gcc 3.4.0
  • fix bug in term comparison involving negative integers
  • fix the stack overflow detection under cygwin
  • fix a bug in =../2 involving FD variables
  • fix a bug in arithmetics (in float_{integer/fractional}_part)
  • fix a bug in FD solver (wrong union with a singleton)

New features and improvements:

  • add consult, … and fix minor bugs in the Win32 GUI console menu