Algol68c for MVS

Version of implementation Cambridge Algol68c of programming language Algol68

Runs on Hercules/MVS

a68c4.pdf — SYSOUT listing of file 4 (installation instructions) from the original source tape. — TAPEMAP output for the alg68c.het tape image. algol68c — Jobstream to reload the original source tape to disk. algprocs — Jobstream to install the procedures in your Procedure Library to execute the compiler. algtest1 — 4 Four — containing test ALGOL programs to verify the compiler operates as expected. reload — Jobstream to restore the compiler libraries from IEBCOPY created tape. alg68c.het — The tape image created by IEBCOPY containing the three Partitioned dataset contents. — The original source tape from H390-MVS group file area.