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ALGOL-W is a programming language. It was based on a proposal for ALGOL-X by Niklaus Wirth and Tony Hoare as a successor to ALGOL 60 in the IFIP Working Group 2.1. When the committee decided that the proposal was not a sufficient advance over ALGOL 60, the proposal was published Niklaus Wirth & C. A. R wikipedia: Hoare (1966). Wirth supervised a high quality implementation for the IBM/360 at Stanford University that was widely distributed.

It represented a relatively conservative modification of ALGOL 60, adding string, bitstring, complex number and reference to record datatypes and call-by-result passing of parameters, introducing the while statement, replacing switch with the case statement, and generally tightening up the language.

The implementation was written in PL/360, an ALGOL-like assembly language designed by Wirth. The implementation included influential debugging and profiling capabilities.