Visual Basic (.NET)

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Programming language

”’Visual Basic”’ (also ”’Visual Basic .NET”’ to distinguish from classical VB) is a programming language developed by Microsoft in 2001.

Elements of syntax:

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Case-sensitivity no
Variable assignment <name> = <value>
Variable declaration Dim <name> [As <type>]
Variable declaration with assignment Dim <name> [As <type>] = <value>
Function definition Function <name> (Param1 [As <type>], Param2 [As <type>]...)
Function call [<class>.]<funcName>(Param1 [As <type>], Param2 [As <type>]...)
Function call with no parameters [<class>.]<funcName>()
If - then If <condition> Then ... End If
If - then - else If <condition> Then ... Else ... End If
Loop forever While True (newline) ... End While
While condition do While <condition> (newline) ... End While
Do until condition While Not <condition> (newline) ... End While
For each value in a numeric range, 1 increment For <cntrVarName> [[As <numericType>] = <startVal>] To <endVal> [Step 1] (newline) ... End For
For each value in a numeric range, 1 decrement For <cntrVarName> [[As <numericType>] = <startVal>] To <endVal> Step -1 (newline) ... End For