Implementation of programming language Fortran

G95 is a stable free compiler of Fortran 95 available for lots of architectures and operating systems. It is distributed under GNU GPL.

The project was started in 2000 by a single person, Andrew Vaught. At that time he was working on his PhD thesis code written in FORTRAN 77 using g77. The code contained lots of sophisticated data structures and looked rather clunky, so Andrew decided to write a compiler of his own for a more modern Fortran 95. During the next couple of years G95 was a collective development effort, but then Andrew decided to get back to working on it alone. In January 2003 the project was forked to create gfortran which drew off the community effort, while Andrew continued developing G95 on his own. At the moment compiler development is stopped; the latest major improvement dates back to October 2008, and the latest bugfix — to August 2010.