Hello, World! in Ceylon

Example for versions Ceylon M1

Let’s say we want this code to belong to helloworld.progopedia.com module. Then it has to be placed in a file /source/com/progopedia/helloworld.ceylon (the path is relative to the main directory of the program). Besides, a file named /source/com/progopedia/module.ceylon has to contain module description, for example, this one:

Module module {
 name = 'com.progopedia.helloworld';
 version = '1.0.0';
 by = {"Mariia Mykhailova"};
 dependencies = {};
 doc = "Hello, World!";
 license = 'Public domain';

Once the files are filled out, the program can be compiled with command ceylonc com.progopedia.helloworld and executed with ceylon com.progopedia.helloworld/1.0.0 (noting the version explicitly is a must).

void run() {
    print("Hello, World!");