CamelCase in FALSE

Example for versions Morphett's FALSE

The input string is processed character by character. In Morphett’s FALSE strings are entered in a pop-up window, and end of input is marked by an empty line, which is then converted to -1 value. That’s why -1 is used for breaking the loop. Variable s stores “whether the previous character was a space” sign. Conditional commands execution (?) allows to run only if-then conditions; to implement else branch, one has to copy the condition (stored in variable l — whether the current character is a letter), invert it and use another ?.

1_s: ^
[ $$ 96> \123\> & [32-]?
  $$ 64> \91\> & $l: [s;~[32+]? , 0s:]? l;~[1_s: %]?