Dialect of programming language Brainfuck

Brainloller is a visual dialect of Brainfuck, in which character commands are replaced with pixels of different colors on an image. Brainloller was created in 2005 by Lode Vandevenne.

The colors for commands were chosen as combinations of 0xFF and 0x80 for three RGB components. The resulting conversion table follows:

  • + -> 0x00FF00
  • - -> 0x008000
  • > -> 0xFF0000
  • < -> 0x800000
  • [ -> 0xFFFF00
  • ] -> 0x808000
  • . -> 0x0000FF
  • , -> 0x000080

Brainloller has also two extra commands — 0x00FFFF to rotate instruction pointer counterclockwise and 0x008080 to rotate it clockwise. This allows the “code” to be drawn not in a single line of pixels but in a 2D image. The execution starts with instruction pointer placed at top-left pixel of the image, facing east. The image is processed pixel-by-pixel, after each Brainfuck command instruction pointer moves one pixel in the direction it is facing. The processing is over once the instruction pointer has left the image.

Unfortunately, the reference set of Brainloller tools was lost.